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At Prowerk Consulting Ltd and Prowerk Consulting LLC (Prowerk), we value your privacy and welcome your interest in our privacy policy. (

This privacy statement discloses what information we gather, how we use it, and how you may correct or change it. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE DO NOT CONTROL OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS, OUR SUPPLIERS OR THE VENDORS WHO SUPPLY GOODS OR SERVICE THROUGH OUR SITE OR THROUGH OTHER SITES LINKED TO OUR WEB PAGES. WE ALSO HAVE NO CONTROL OVER OUR ADVERTISERS OR OTHER VISITORS AND REGISTRANTS. Therefore, we ask that you exercise common sense in disclosing personal and financial information on this site. If you have any questions about how our advertisers and others use information, you should contact them directly. Please note that this policy may be revised from time to time we expand and improve our services.

Prowerk does not require you to provide any personally identifiable information when you enter the public and media area of our site.

At times, Prowerk may request contact information such as your name, mailing address and e-mail address when you register or sign up for newsletters or other services we offer. This allows us to contact you when necessary or ensure deliver of services. Prowerk will not share this information with our web host, our advertisers other registrants, or other third parties without your knowledge and express permission or unless required by law. We do not control contact information you voluntarily provide to our advertisers or other registrants.

Financial information, such as credit card number, may be requested when you sign up for special services. We use this information only to collect fees and payments for services your order directly from us. PROWERK WILL NOT GIVE OUT CREDIT CARD NUMBERS FOR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES, EXCEPT AS AUTHORIZED BY YOUR TO PROVIDE A SPECIFIC SERVICE. Access to credit card numbers is strictly controlled, and stored in a secure system protected by encryption and industry standard firewalls. However, please note that when you click on the links to our advertisers, sponsors or various resource providers listed on our web pages and order goods or services, you are no longer on our site and are dealing directly with them. We do not control the privacy policies of our advertisers, sponsors, and resource providers identified on our site. Financial information you voluntarily provide to other registrants is also not subject to this privacy policy, and we cannot be responsible for how it may be used.

Profile information that you provide to us online as part of a registration or service request process, is completely voluntary. It allows us to tailor our services to meet the needs of our registrants, and to make your experience more valuable. Prowerk does not share this information directly with our advertisers and business partners, except in aggregate form, unless you are notified otherwise in advance. Because of the types of services we offer, some of this information may be shared with other registrants. However, the information your choose to disclose will never be linked by Prowerk to any contact information without your knowledge and permission, and you may revise or edit your profile at any time, either online when authorized or by contacting our system administrator identified at the end of this statement.

Site Activity is monitored and data is collected in the aggregate, rather than on an individual basis. Several methods, which follow web traffic in general, are used to gather the data. For example, we collect and aggregate information about unique visitors to our site, such as the duration of visits to a certain page, products or services purchased, and whether a visitor accessed our web pages through a hyperlink from another web site. It is not used to identify you personally. This information allows us to understand the interests and needs of our registrants, and to make your visits more valuable to our visitors.

At certain points in your visit to our site, our web server may send a “cookie” file to your computer. Your web browser may prompt you to accept this file unless you have set your web browser preferences to accept all cookies automatically. Data about your visit to the site, such as username and password for our site, may be added to the cookie file. On your future visits to our site, our server will scan the cookie file for relevant data and customize or personalize your site content accordingly. Cookies are employed primarily as a service to our customers.


If you have any questions about this policy, or if you wish to update or correct the information we have retained about you, please contact us directly by clicking here, sending an e-mail to , or writing to one of the addresses listed on the contact page. Finally, your feedback on this policy statement and what is important to you will enable us to better explain our policies and to revise them as necessary as we expand and improve our services and this web site.

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