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     Are you buried in reports ?

           Is your information hard to find ?

                 Do you lack flexibility and responsiveness ?

Prowerk Consultants can efficiently gather the information you need,

      when you need it . . .

            and where you need it . . .

     So that you can focus your energies on business decisions

Offerings include:

  • e-Intelligence solutions                                   software@prowerk.com
    • web-based reporting
    • web-based business intelligence
    • wireless interfaces
    • click stream analysis
  • CRM and Campaign Management solutions
  • Data Warehousing
  • Systems assessment
  • Knowledge Management and Transfer
  • Customized training                                        training@prowerk.com

We can provide:

  • short term or long term resources                   consult@prowerk.com
  • data architects
  • project managers
  • troubleshooters and emergency assistance
  • SASŪ programmers

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